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Pokemon Blueshippers!

For supporters of James X Meowth

The Pokemon BlueShipping Livejournal Community
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This is a community devoted to the pairing of James and Meowth of Team Rocket.
Membership is now OPEN!!! ^-^

Blueshipping (not to be confused with the Yu-Gi-Oh! ship name for Kaiba x Kisara), is the name of the relationship between James and Meowth of Team Rocket. It may or may not be in regards to a romantic relationship. Most evidence is supported by the ''A Better Pill to Swallow'' episode in the Pokemon anime.

Kojiro and Nyasu

Basic Rules for this community:

1) Anything goes BlueShipping! That includes:

fanart (can be doujinshi), fanfiction, video posts, discussions, etc.

2) Adult content is allowed, but only if you put an adult lock for explicit adult content and/or rate your work (whether it be fan art or fanfic).

3) No rude or abusive comments (a.k.a. trolling)

4) Please, keep swearing to a minimum

5) No spamming

6) Put long entries under a LJ-Cut

7) Have fun!


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